Our Team
Gira & Rina
(The Mummies)

Gira married into the Patel household of Nadiad in 1978, and did not know how to cook. Now though, after experimenting on her 3 children she is one of the best around


Rina joined the family in 2007, and by 2008 became a mother herself. Now it's her turn to add to the age old dishes the Patel family have grown up with

Ritesh / Son

Ritesh joins the girls, being the driving force at the Watford Kitchen. Now you will find him behind the counter on a Saturday tempting passers by.

Druhti / Daughter
(Chief Taster)

Druhti has an insatiable appetite, and already ready taste the food coming out if the kitchen. Her refined taste buds keep a tab on the special blend of spices in each dish.

(Chef in training)

The next generation is already getting involved in the business, and currently doing his apprenticeship in all things sweet. At almost 4 years old, he is the future of Mum's Kitchen.